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Reserve Liqueurs

Our Reserve Liqueurs are made in small batches and really are the best of the best. Packed with fresh fruit and presented in a unique bottle with a wooden stopper, they are made without compromise.

The Sloe and Damson gins, both 26%, require the longest soaking period. We use London Gin as we think the flavour profile fits well with the style we're trying to create, and a touch of sugar and water. The berries are collected locally, frozen, and added while frozen. The thawing process, speeded up by the alcohol content, helps draw as much flavour and colour as possible, then the mixture is left for around four months.

On the other hand, the Elderflower and Lemon has a shorter soaking period. Soaked in vodka at 40% ABV, if left too long the drink actually loses some of its character. When we think we've picked up enough character, the mixture is diluted to 22% with water and sugar. In the case of the Elderflower, we then add zesty lemon juice.

This makes each batch and character unique, and although the batches may be small, the care and attention certainly isn't.

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4 Item(s)