Twenty years ago, Lyme Bay Cider sold its first Jack Ratt and Lyme Bay Ciders from the small shop at Manor Farm in Seaton. Since then we’ve grown and developed, and now trade as the Lyme Bay Winery, producing an award-winning selection of ciders, country wines, meads, fruit liqueurs and cream liqueurs.

Our founding products – the ciders – are still some of our bestsellers, and continue to win awards for their superb flavour and high quality, but every year we develop new and innovative drinks to add to our range.

The Winery itself also continues to grow. We moved production into a new 6,000 square foot building in 2013 and have planning in place to add to our capacity by building another warehouse later this year.

For 2014 we also have some exciting new products:

The Collectors Range of Liqueurs – our four top-selling liqueurs in four different, eye-catching bottles so you can select the combinations you prefer.

Vintage Cider half litre flagon – responding to customer requests, our Vintage Cider is now available in the half-litre flagon – a great gift for cider lovers.

Branscombe Beers – "Beers that are hard to find these days" – that's what people are saying about these traditional, high-quality, bottle-conditioned beers.

As we continue to grow, our challenge is to retain the ethos at the very heart of our success, keeping the small company attitude in terms of customer interaction and personality, as our workforce and workload expands.