Lyme Bay Winery products are not only delicious by themselves, they also make ideal mixers for cocktails, spritzers and punch. Here are some of our favourites…

Suzi's Refreshing Cranberry Twist

To a glass of Lyme Bay Winery's Cranberry Wine, add tonic water plus a twist and few slices of lime. For an extra kick, add a shot of Damson Gin Reserve Liqueur. Serve over ice. 

Peachy Crush

To a glass of Lyme Bay Winery Peach Wine, add a shot of our Apricot Brandy, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and top up with soda and lots of crushed ice.

Strawberry Summer

A shot of Lyme Bay Winery's Strawberry Liqueur topped up with equal parts Lyme Bay Strawberry Wine and lemonade. Add a couple of sliced strawberries and a few sprigs of mint.

Cherry Fizz

For a very grown up Cherry Fizz pour a shot of Lyme Bay Winery's Cherry Brandy and top up with equal parts lime juice and lemonade, then drop in a sugar cube. Serve with lots of ice.

Cider Fusion

To a glass of Lyme Bay Winery's Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider add a shot of Somerset Cider's Kingston Black Aperitif and a sugar cube. Delicious!

Summer Spritzer

Choose a bottle of your favourite Lyme Bay Country Wine (we like to use Elderflower, Gooseberry, Peach or Strawberry) and blend 50/50 with soda water. Add sliced strawberries and mint and serve chilled over ice.

Cider Punch 

Mix together a 1ltr bottle of Jack Ratt Dry Vintage Cider with a 1ltr bottle of lemonade, and two red apples cored and thinly sliced and coated in lemon juice. Chill thoroughly and serve over ice.