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Winery News

Say “I love you” with Lyme Bay Winery

February is traditionally the month when our thoughts turn to romance, but here at Lyme Bay Winery we think every day is a good day to show some love, and our delicious, award-winning products can help you hit the mark, just like Cupid’s arrow.

The aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods have been celebrated for centuries, and over the years science has unveiled some of the nutritional links behind the stories.

Getting fruity

Mead has long been rumoured to have aphrodisiac properties and was histori...

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Winery News

The rise of botanicals

You can’t move in the hipper bars in town without tripping over someone spouting about the rich and diverse flavours that the botanicals are bringing to their gin. Yes gin; the drink that in the 18th century was called ‘mother’s ruin’ because it was so cheap that its effect on family life was disastrous.

Secret recipes

These days gin has become the drink of choice for beard-toting hipsters, city slickers and discerning drinkers alike. This is partly because today’s production techniques are so so...

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Winery News

Toast St George with English drinks

Saint George has been the patron saint of England since the 14th century, despite being born in Turkey of Greek origin. Designated a protector of the royal family, St George’s Day on April 23rd was a major feast day in England in the 15th century, said to be on a par with Christmas.

Although these festivities have waned over the years, it has become common to see people take up the flag of St George – with its red cross on a white background – to celebrate all things English. And if you are plann...

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Winery News

How to start a wine club

How to start a wine club

Book groups, knitting circles and invite-only secret supper clubs have been popping up all over Britain’s villages, cul-de-sacs and hipsterish enclaves for years now. Informal gatherings such as these are relatively easy to organise and are a great way to get together with friends old and new on a regular basis.

But what if these kinds of activities are not quite your cup of tea? In fact, what if your cup of tea is more like a glass of wine? Have you ever thought about how...

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Winery News

Pressed to impress

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. For some, yet another chance to make a wonderful, romantic, hearts-and-flowers fuss over the love of their life; for others, an awkward occasion marked with supermarket roses and a hastily scribbled card.

We make award-winning tipples here at Lyme Bay Winery, so you won’t be surprised to hear that we have a huge range of drinks that have been pressed to impress and are perfect for dazzling your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

If you got into trouble last year for a ...

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Winery News

How to become a wine expert for Valentine's Day

Become a wine expert for Valentine’s Day

In his 2008 book Outliers Malcolm Gladwell wrote that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill is pretty much down to practising for about 10,000 hours.

It’s a big commitment, which probably explains why most of us aren’t experts in anything. But never fear - if you want to become a wine expert in time for Valentine’s Day we’ve got some top tips for how to bring out your inner sommelier.

Spot the best

Did you know it’s possible to identify a go...

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Winery News

Celebrate the Royal Wedding with Lyme Bay Winery

Can you believe it’s May already? The grim weather isn’t helping us get into the spirit of Spring much, but at least there’s a spot of pomp and sparkle in a couple of Saturdays’ time to look forward to.

No, we are not talking about the Champions League final (though come on Liverpool!) but that other thing that’s happening on Saturday 19 May: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tying the knot at St George's Chapel in Windsor.

Whether you are planning to toast the happy couple with a glass of fizz at ho...

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How to make elderflower wine

Sourcing local ingredients is at the heart of many of the fruit wines that we make here at Lyme Bay – and of course all our staff live nearby too. There’s nettle picking in April to capture the new growth for our Nettle Wine, but nothing signals the approach of summer as much as elderflower picking in June and July from our own trees here at the Winery.

Lyme Bay selects the best elderflowers

Come sunny afternoons our team heads out to collect the beautiful elderflowers from the hedgerows when the...

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