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Winery News

Birch wine back in stock

It’s the moment many of you have been waiting for: our ever-popular Birch wine is back in stock.

An English tradition dating back thousands of years, birch sap collection happens in early spring before any green leaves have appeared, as in late spring the sap turns bitter. Last year we sold out in record time – by July – because the short harvest season for the birch sap needed to make our Birch wine means the number of bottles we can produce is limited.

Birch tapping

Tapping the sap is done by dri...

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Winery News

Dry drinks for dry January

What does ‘dry January’ mean to you? With Storm Eleanor whipping across the country, this January has been anything but dry so far. But perhaps you are one of those self-controlled types who has pledged to abstain from alcohol for the month to give your body a bit of a rest after the season of festive indulgences.

Here at Lyme Bay Winery we think life is too short – and January a bit too grim – to tackle the dark and chilly first month of the year without at least a few sips of your favourite tip...

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