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Winery News

‘Game of Thrones’ and the rise of Mead

"Winter is coming” as they say on Game of Thrones. Okay, yes, we know it’s actually spring, but as HBO’s hit drama finally kicks off its long-awaited 6th series, the UK has also seen a 30% uplift in sales of the show’s favourite drink – mead.

Firstly, what is it?

Mead is a delicious beverage made by fermenting honey and water with a range of different spices to create a wonderful flavour-rich drink.

How has Game of Thrones increased the popularity of mead?

In a word: awareness. As the show and books...

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Winery News

Birch wine back in stock

It’s the moment many of you have been waiting for: our ever-popular Birch wine is back in stock.

An English tradition dating back thousands of years, birch sap collection happens in early spring before any green leaves have appeared, as in late spring the sap turns bitter. Last year we sold out in record time – by July – because the short harvest season for the birch sap needed to make our Birch wine means the number of bottles we can produce is limited.

Birch tapping

Tapping the sap is done by dri...

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Winery News

A new look for the Winery shop – and our labels

Spring. Tennyson said it turns a young man's fancy to thoughts of love, hares are supposed to go ‘mad’ in March, and some people like to embark on a frenzy of cleaning. Hardly surprising, as we are all glad to see the back of winter and get ready for some better weather and fun times ahead. Here at the Winery we’ve been doing a bit of ‘refresh’ ourselves, with a new look for our quintessential cellar door shop, as well as a facelift for our iconic range of fruit wines.

Shop spruce-up

We have come ...

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Winery News

Five Facts About Mead We Bet You Didn't Know

If the word ‘mead’ conjures up images of carousing Vikings or drunken medieval revellers then it might be time for a rethink. Considered by many an elixir of health, fertility and longevity, this so-called ‘nectar of the gods’ is having a very 21st century revival.

Here’s the lowdown on one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages...

1. 3 Staple Ingredients

Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruit, spices, grains or hops. The terms ‘mead’ a...

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Winery News, Recipes


January is a great time to try something new, so if kale smoothies aren’t whetting your appetite we have plenty of other options to get you through what is so far proving to be a wet and windy month.

Something lighter

After the excesses of Christmas, how about our award-winning Fruit and Country Wines. Inspired by wines traditionally made from hedgerow fruits and flowers, our delicious range has flavours to tempt all palates, from lighter, drier wines to more intense, old-fashioned berry-rich var...

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Winery News, Recipes, New Products

Treat yourself this Christmas, with Lyme Bay Winery

It’s December so there’s no escaping it: Christmas is coming. Whether you are full of the joys of Yule or more of a ‘bah humbug’ kind of soul, Lyme Bay Winery has plenty of festive products to put you in the mood or lift your spirits.

Raise a glass to our Christmas drinks

For starters, we’ve got a fabulous selection of seasonal drinks that are delicious on their own or in combination with other Christmas tipples.

• If you are making your own mulled wine, try adding some Elderberry and Port for extr...

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