Spring. Tennyson said it turns a young man's fancy to thoughts of love, hares are supposed to go ‘mad’ in March, and some people like to embark on a frenzy of cleaning. Hardly surprising, as we are all glad to see the back of winter and get ready for some better weather and fun times ahead. Here at the Winery we’ve been doing a bit of ‘refresh’ ourselves, with a new look for our quintessential cellar door shop, as well as a facelift for our iconic range of fruit wines.

Shop spruce-up

We have come a long way from our first days selling Jack Ratt and Lyme Bay Ciders from the small shop at Manor Farm in Seaton 22 years ago, and while we want to remain true to our rustic roots, we decided our Winery shop here in Shute could do with a bit of a spruce up. We have said goodbye to all the old barrels which served as some of our display units for the past decade, and installed upcycled pallets and crates as shelving. This gives a more streamlined flow as you walk around the shop, making it much easier for customers to view our extensive range of award-winning drinks.

Fruit wines facelift

Our iconic fruit wines have also been given a much-needed brand refresh. We worked with artist Dina Campbell – who also designed the labels for our English wines – to create beautiful labels that give them striking presence on any shelf. The full range is available in 75cl bottles with a selection of bestsellers available in 375ml and 5cl bottles, and we’ve also recently introduced miniature gift boxed sets which are perfect if you want to sample some of the most popular fruit wines in the range.

As always, we’d love to see you here at the Winery shop so do pop in if you are passing. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with our lovely team here at the Winery via email at [email protected]y.co.uk or by calling us on 01297 551355 if you’d like to place an order.