Mead, believed to be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, is undergoing a huge revival in popularity.

The nectar of the gods, the golden liquor of poets, lovers and kings and thought by many an elixir of health, fertility and longevity, smooth and sumptuous mead is rumoured to have aphrodisiac properties and was historically presented to newlyweds to enjoy during what we now call their “honeymoon”.

Our range of five award-winning meads are fermented, blended and aged on site using our unique blends of honey to create their rich, floral and pungent characteristics.

Perfect for summer – Garden Mead

A lovely infusion of mead and mint to highlight the eucalyptus character in the honey – refreshingly light and sweet. Stunning served over ice or as a summer cocktail – add lemonade or soda, cucumber and strawberries for a delicious alternative to Pimms – it also makes a great accompaniment to any dessert.

The old time favourite – Traditional Mead

Over the last three or four years this wine has become the top seller in our range of classic wines. It has a devoted following of fans who wax lyrical over its fantastic flavour.

An added kick – Tournament Mead

Dark and sweet, beautifully married with a discreet hint of ginger. Lovely served at room temperature with spicy food or strong cheeses, and perfect as a dessert wine – especially with ice cream. 

The local tipple – Westcountry Mead

Lighter than the traditional mead, a medium sweet wine with sweet, spicy overtones. Delicious served at room temperature with spicy foods.

Christmas in a glass – Christmas Mead

Now even more popular than our Mulled Wine, this is the perfect festive tipple. Blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, lemon and orange zest, it’s a perfect accompaniment to sweet Christmas treats or strongly flavoured cheeses. Heavenly served with a warm mince pie or a piece of Christmas cake.

Distinctively different and deliciously moreish – let us know which is your favourite.