What does ‘dry January’ mean to you? With Storm Eleanor whipping across the country, this January has been anything but dry so far. But perhaps you are one of those self-controlled types who has pledged to abstain from alcohol for the month to give your body a bit of a rest after the season of festive indulgences.

Here at Lyme Bay Winery we think life is too short – and January a bit too grim – to tackle the dark and chilly first month of the year without at least a few sips of your favourite tipple. Which is why our take on dry January is about our dry wines (Elderflower, Cowslip, Birch) dry cider (Jack Ratt Vintage) and dry mead (Yore).

Country flavours

Summer may seem an age away, but our award-winning fruit and country wines can conjure up sunnier memories of days gone by.

Our Elderflower wine is an old fashioned off-dry wine with a floral bouquet, perfect for picnics or as a refreshing, chilled aperitif. Another great pre-dinner tipple and an ideal partner for seafood and chicken, our Cowslip wine is also off-dry with subtle floral and honey undertones.

For the real traditionalists out there, our Birch wine is a dry, light and delicate wine, which we usually sell out of quickly because the short harvest season for the birch sap needed to make our Birch wine means the number of bottles we can produce is limited.

Jack Ratt Vintage cider

If you prefer your drinks to come with some swashbuckling heritage, our Jack Ratt Vintage dry cider is named after notorious West Country smuggler Jack Rattenbury. One of Jack’s favourite tricks when evading customs officers was to sink his contraband offshore, marking its position with a float for later retrieval by ’creeping‘ – the art of fishing up the sunken ‘crop’ using grappling hooks.

Inspired by Jack Rattenbury's daring and intrepid spirit, our Jack Ratt Vintage dry cider blends traditional recipes and local ingredients with the most up-to-date production techniques to create a still, full bodied, filtered strong cider in a traditional 1ltr or 0.5ltr glass flagon, 75cl bottle, or a 3ltr bag-in-a-box.

Yore dry mead

And talking of heritage, there are few drinks as historic as mead. Created by fermenting honey with water, the story of mead goes way back in time. Pottery vessels containing residues of a mixture of honey, rice and compounds of fermentation were found in Northern China dating from 6500-7000BC, and thanks to its rumoured aphrodisiac properties, mead was historically presented to newlyweds to enjoy during their honeymoon.

Here at Lyme Bay Winery we’ve been perfecting mead-making for over 15 years, and our Yore lightly sparkling dry mead is a refreshing alternative to beer and cider. Handcrafted here at the Winery by our own mead specialists, the main ingredients are simply water, champagne yeast and a delicate blend of honey, which gives Yore its distinctive taste and aroma, and creates a truly modern take on a very ancient drink.

Time to try dry

If you’ve never tried our dry drinks, or are already a die-hard fan, you can always place an order with us and we will ship some out to you faster than you can say “cheers to the new year”. We’d love to see you here at the Winery shop so do pop in if you are passing, or get in touch with our friendly team here at the Winery via email at [email protected] or by calling us on 01297 551355 if you’d like to order by phone. You can also follow Lyme Bay on Twitter: @LymeBayWineLtd and ‘Like’ us on Facebook.