Can you believe it’s May already? The grim weather isn’t helping us get into the spirit of Spring much, but at least there’s a spot of pomp and sparkle in a couple of Saturdays’ time to look forward to.

No, we are not talking about the Champions League final (though come on Liverpool!) but that other thing that’s happening on Saturday 19 May: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tying the knot at St George's Chapel in Windsor.

Whether you are planning to toast the happy couple with a glass of fizz at home in front of the telly, or at a street party with your friends and neighbours, we’ve got a few ideas for the perfect drinks to help you celebrate the royal wedding in style.

Have your cake and drink it

One of the first things we heard about the royal couple’s wedding plans was that they have chosen an organic lemon and elderflower cake for their big day, made by Californian pastry chef and food writer Claire Ptak, who owns Violet bakery in East London.

Elderflower and lemon are two of our favourite ingredients too, but we prefer ours in a drink. We pick elderflowers from the hedgerows around the Winery to make our dry Elderflower Sparkling Fruit Wine, as well as our award-winning, easy-drinking Elderflower & Lemon Vodka. If you’re not much of a cake person then these are very quaffable alternatives.

Street party serves

Royal weddings have always gone hand in hand with a great big British street party, and what better liquid accompaniment than our Fruit and Country Wines – another favourite with a nostalgic history. Inspired by wines traditionally made from hedgerow fruits and flowers, our award-winning Fruit and Country Wines come in flavours to tempt all palates.

From lighter, drier wines like Nettle or Birch, to more intense, old-fashioned berry-rich varieties like our Blackcurrant Wine, these are delicious straight up and many of them also make fabulous spritzers, mixed 50/50 with soda water. 

Canapé companion

If you fancy some bubbles with your buffet then why not pop the cork on our sparkling Classic Cuvée. A blend from the noble Champagne grape varieties with a crisp and full mouthfeel, a bottle of this goes perfectly with canapés and savoury cheese dishes.

Sparkle like Markle

And talking of sparkling English wines, our Brut Reserve is another refreshing palate-pleaser, with lemon and green apple notes and vibrant and creamy mousse finish. Pair this one with some traditional fish and chips, or sup it alongside berries and citrus desserts.

Honeymoon history

If you’re feeling really traditional by the end of the day you could always raise a glass of mead to toast the bride and groom on their way. Mead has long been rumoured to have aphrodisiac properties and was historically presented to newlyweds to enjoy during what we now call their honeymoon. In fact, because drinking mead was thought to ensure a fruitful union bearing plenty of children, a bride’s father included a month’s worth of mead in her dowry.

Our prize-winning meads are fermented, blended and aged on site using our secret blends of honey to create the rich, floral and pungent characteristics for which mead is famed. And while we can’t guarantee the results, we certainly like to think that our smooth and sumptuous meads will put some pep in your step.

Stop by and say hi

If you want to stock up for your street party or celebration then we’d love to see you here at the Winery shop so do pop in if you are passing – and that goes for you too Meghan and Harry!

Alternatively, you can always get in touch with our friendly team here at the Winery via email at [email protected] or by calling us on 01297 551355 if you’d like to order by phone. You can also follow Lyme Bay on Twitter: @LymeBayWineLtd and ‘Like’ us on Facebook.