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The world of winemaking and brewing never sleeps

So whether you adore ale, go bonkers for beer or just have a nose for a good wine story, we’ll keep you up to date with all the news from Lyme Bay Winery here.

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Winery News

Lyme Bay’s record harvest a challenge, though fantastically exciting

The first harvest being managed by new winemaker Michael Dollan will set a new record and has challenges beyond just scale, though undaunted the team are very inspired – and busy!

Having managed to take in nearly three times the volume of fruit intended in 2018, the team at Lyme Bay Winery invested to increase capability and capacity in anticipation of welcoming around 350 tonnes of grapes in a matter of weeks.

Having geared up and with an experienced winemaker at the helm they are now working fla...

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Winery News

A Guide to Cider in Britain

Cider is a beverage which has enjoyed a revival in Britain in recent years, with the number of local producers increasing and the quality of the drink improving. Britain is the leading country in the consumption of cider and 56% of apples grown in Britain go into making cider. Cider is strongly associated with the West Country, with several producers being located in Somerset, Devon and Dorset, including ourselves in East Devon where we make sparkling vintage ciders and fruit ciders.

History of C...

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Winery News

Why are Craft Drinks so Popular?

Quality and innovation have become the key trends in the food and beverage sector over the last 15 years, particularly when it comes to alcohol. Consumers are interested in trying something new, and with the soaring sales of craft cider and the ‘ginaissance’, companies are responding to these demands with enthusiasm. Research has shown there has been a big increase in microbreweries, new and expanding wineries and a rise in the number of gin distilleries around the UK - there is certainly someth...

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Winery News

The Rising Appeal of Fruit Wines

Fruit wines are growing in popularity here in the UK, thanks to discerning drinkers on the look out for something new to try, plus our climate and landscape that creates the optimum conditions for growing a huge variety of fruits.

Popular Fruits for Fruit Wines

Expertly crafted from the bounty of Britain’s orchards, hedgerows and woodlands, there’s much more to fruit wines than you might expect.

Think of a fruit and there will almost certainly be a fruit wine made from it: apricot, birch, black bee...

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New Products

What You Need for Homemade Cocktails

We have seen a resurgence in the food and drinks scene over the last few years, with specialised festivals popping up all over the place. Consumers are after artisan creations, homegrown produce and quality beverages. When it comes to the drink side of things, we know a thing or two at Lyme Bay: the English wine industry is thriving, and the UK has rediscovered a love for gin, which we are happy to contribute to with our new range of Devon gins.

There is no denying that one of the best ways to en...

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Introducing the Spicy Lugger

Discover the Spicy Lugger made with Devon's first spiced rum, it's certain to ignite some drama into your summer drinking! Get the recipe below!


Lugger Rum 50ml

Strawberry & Lime Syrup 20ml*

Angostura Bitters 2 dashes

West Country Cider 30ml

Sprig of Rosemary - Spiced Powder**


1. Fill up the cocktail mixer or directly into a rocks glass with all main ingredients and stir

2. Fill glass with crushed ice and stir 5-10 times to chill drink

3. Top up with more crushed ice and top up with cider rosemary and straw

4. Light a match and hover this over the cocktail, with your other hand take your pre-batched spiced powder & gently dust this on top of cocktail which will result with a fire pit effect

5. Serve and enjoy!

*Strawberry and Lime Syrup

In a bowl, muddle 50g of sugar, 10 strawberries, the skin of two limes, and the juice of one lime. Leave for 10 - 30 minutes in fridge and strain syrup through a sieve.

**Spice Mix Powder

Mix equal parts of icing sugar, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder.

To Find Out more about Lugger Rum, please click here here.  

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