Lymelights ~ the lighter side of Lyme

All the fabulous taste but lower alcohol & lower calories

To celebrate the modern revival of fruit wines our winemaker has developed the Lymelights range – Lower in alcohol at 5.5%, with full fruit flavour and fewer calories. These make deliciously fresh alfresco summer drinks and can be enjoyed all year round.

75cl Lymelight Wines Description
Blackberry Characteristic hedgerow fruitiness on both nose and palate. A glorious balance of flavours leads to a long finish of dark fruit. An ideal summer red wine for picnics and to accompany fruit sorbets.
Cherry A vibrant pink rosé - all about fun. This delicious summer tipple is packed with cherry and almond character and has refreshing acidity and medium sweetness. Ideal in cocktails, punches or on its own in the garden. Enjoy!
Medium Sweet
Elderberry A rich, dark ruby colour with complex notes of dark berries and chocolate, and equally appealing on both nose and palate. Ideal as a light red wine for picnics or garden parties and lovely with cheese.
Medium Dry
Ginger & Nettle A little different! Wine fermented with freshly-picked young nettle leaves is blended with our award-winning Ginger Wine to create this fresh, herbaceous wine with a discreet ginger kick. Perfect in the garden on a summer’s day – enjoy!
Gooseberry All about freshness. The nose and the palate display the zingy characteristics of the lovely gooseberry, backed up by crisp acidity and a long fruity finish. A great accompaniment to barbequed fish, and perfect on its own or as an aperitif. Sorry we're out of stock until the new year.
Strawberry A light salmon pink rosé bursting with the aroma of ripe, freshly picked strawberries. It’s so well balanced you’d be forgiven for thinking there was no alcohol at all! Treat yourself to strawberry heaven in the garden after a long day’s work. Sorry we're out of stock.

Customer's Comments

Strawberry Lymelight:

  • 'Beautiful flavour, a great alternative for weeknight drinking'
    (Fiona Jardine, Archant Weddings)
  • 'Nice crisp taste, great for summer evenings. Nice & fruity'
    (Mandy Neal, Devon Life Sales).

Nettle & Ginger & Gooseberry Lymelights:

  • 'Both are light white wines that are incredible on a summer evening. They’re perfect for lounging on the balcony on a Saturday night, and you can drink a whole bottle between the two of you without feeling silly at the end. The nettle and ginger wine has a lovely warming taste to it, and is probably my favourite, while the gooseberry tastes like the most incredible fruity white wine you've ever had the chance to drink. Both are stunning.'
    (Fennel & Fern, the fabulous gardening bloggers)